What should you know about when considering purchasing a decontamination unit?

CBRNE Decontamination Q&A

If your mission is to purchase a CBRNE decontamination trailer or fixed in place unit there are a number of things you should know or ask:

1. Does the unit you are considering meet or exceed CBRNE decontamination standards?
Nor E pioneered trailer and fixed in place decontamination engineering and design in accordance to international regulations dealing with such things as consistent soap delivery, adjustable water pressure allowing for infant through to adult patient requirements, etc. CBRNE decon is a very technical field.

2. Where are the many component and systems made?
Wherever possible, Nor E uses only North American manufactured pumps, valves, plumbing fixtures, generators, electrical components, etc. All components meet or exceed UL, UL1, and CSA standards.

3. Is the trailer or Fixed in Place structure you are considering purchasing made by a manufacturer that builds to industry standards?
Nor E units are manufactured to the highest North American Trailer and Mobile Building Manufacturers Association standards. Nothing but the best will do for Nor E.

4. Will the unit you buy be ready for a natural or terrorist disaster 24/7?

Nor E builds in simple and effective redundancy systems ensuring that as long as you bring water and fuel to our units, they will function 100% in less than 10 minutes- We Guarantee it!

5. Can you tell if a competitive product is manufactured by a dedicated CBRNE decontamination manufacturer?
Nor E does not take utility trailers and convert them into CBRNE units. Our trailers and fixed in place decontamination units are designed specifically for technical decontamination. We pioneered features such as sloped floors that direct contaminated water to a sump that is constantly pumped out, anti-scald protection, instant hot water and air heating systems, leak proof decontamination chambers, etc.

6. What about training and after sales service?
We offer a commissioning and training package that ensures that you and your team will be ready at a moment’s notice should the worst case scenario happen. We also offer recurrent training to allow for changes in personnel.

7. Will you be comfortable operating a Nor E trailer?
Each of the training missions that Nor E trainers have completed start the same way. The CBRNE team members look as though they will be expected to learn many new things about a complicated unit. Our engineers designed the system in such a way that any person can operate our units. One does not have to be an engineer to make out units work expertly- We Guarantee IT!

8. Will a manual be provided?
We at Nor E are proud of our professionally written manuals and our simple but highly effective “Quick Start Guide”. If you and your team follow the easy step by step guide you will be providing expert decontamination patient care in 10 minutes, or less- GUARANTEED.

Have a question?

If you want more information about our products or have an emergency services need that we can build a customized solution for, please send us an email and one of our sales force will contact you.


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Does a Mobile Command Center suit our non–emergency needs?

Here are the possible uses for which we customize our command systems:

• Temporary Staff Quarters
• Additional Offices and Classrooms
• Conference Rooms
• Field Hospitals
• Blood Clinics
• Mobile Crime Scene or Forensics Labs
• Humanitarian Relief Outposts

Anywhere temporary shelters or facilities are required, Nor E is the answer.