MEDecon 3L - 18 Decontamination Trailer

Get a QuoteCompact, three lane mobile decon trailer designed for mass causalty decon response. This 18 ft. decontamination shower trailer manages chemical, biological, radiological, nulcear (CBRN) and hazmat incident needs, and can be quickly implemented on site in just 10 minutes, ready to carefully and effectively process all ambulatory and non-ambulatory decon patients.

Nor E MEDecon decontamination trailers are the most widely used decon trailer in North America. MEDecon users include EMA, Veteran's Administration Hospitals, US Army and responder agencies at various levels of government in the United States, Canada, Europe and China.


  • Easily accessed by side-entry, side exit low angle ramp doors with handrails
  • 2 (two) three-stall decontamination lanes (Undress, Shower/Rinse, Dry/Redress) for
    ambulatory patients
  • 1 (one) large assisted decontamination chamber with non-ambulatory roller
    system (Undress, Shower/Rinse, Dry/Redress) for non-ambulatory patients, families and
  • Each lane includes an on-demand soap inducted shower nozzle and an ondemand rinse nozzle
  • On-board automatic waste water discharge system
  • Raised grid flooring to avoid contact with contaminated water
  • Fluorescent interior lights are sealed from chemicals and water
  • Sealed and washable biological/chemical resistant interior including FRP sidewalls
  • Includes full mechanical system

Call 1-866-380-8455 or 1-360-738-6467 for more information.

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Chassis 4-wheel, tubular steel
Axles Dual Torflex Torsion
Drop Leg Jack 8,000 lb. w/ sand pad
Ball Coupler 2 5/16" w/ D.O.T. safety devices
Brakes Electric w/ Breakaway battery
Wheels Silver Spoke
Tires Radial (w/ one spare)
Lighting 12V end connector (7 way plug)
Interior Chemically sealed Polyurethane
Fire Extinguisher 10 lb.
Trailer Dimensions 8' (wide) x 18' (long)
Weight 6500 lbs.
Hitch Weight 750 lbs.
Dimensions 40" (1 m) x 50" (1.27 m)
Air Heater 45,000 BTU
Generator 3.6 kW propane powered
Water Heaters (2) 125,000 BTU, propane
Water Inlet 3/4" w/ pressure regulator
NST Water Inlet 1.5" w/ pressure regulator
Service Panel 50 amp, 120/240 V, 16 circuit
w/ 50 amp main breaker
Automatic Transfer Switch 50 amp, wired to generator and 50 amp service panel w/ 25 ft. shoreline
Deep Cycle Battery (2) 100 amp
Exhaust Fan 14" X 14", 3-speed, reversible
Propane Tank 100lb.