Products: Industrial/Commercial Solutions

Effectively Manage Asbestos, Lead, Oil Refinery And Industrial Spill Operations:
Our Abatement and Remediation Trailers are compact, economic, and mobile. Trailers can be quickly implemented on site in under 10 minutes and made ready to carefully and effectively process your crew.

Fixed in Place 28' Decontamination Unit

Industrial Decontamination Abatement Trailer

• Hazmat and environmental decon solution
• Easy and quick to set-up
• Just add water
• Lead and Asbestos Filtration
• Easy to Decon - FRP Seamless Interior

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Nor-E HazMat Command Trailer with Command Center

Hazmat/Incident Command Trailer

• Combination: Decon and Command Control Center
• Hazmat and environmental decon facility
• Communications/command/ admin facility

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What makes a Decon Trailer better than a standard Decon Tent?

Medecon 2LFlexible layout allows for buddy decon, non ambulatory decon or individual patient decon using privacy curtain to create individual stalls. Viewed from rear ramp door looking forward.

Medecon 2L
Non-ambulatory decontamination lane and roller system inside a decon unit