IDecon Personal Care Kits

Get a QuoteIDecon is made up of 3 main parts, all of which are contained within a 10" X 14" rugged plastic bag. With its light weight and pillow-like shape, it can be distributed easily by hand or by throwing into a crowd--whatever the situation calls for. All 3 parts un-opened, including instructions, are waterproof and easily trackable by barcode that link to an enclosed patient ID bracelet. Easy to read instructions aid in crowd control by prepping patients for the decon process without verbal, one-on-one assistance from responders.

IDecon and consists of 3 main parts:


Valuables Bag

Easy to follow, illustrated instructions are printed on the front of this resealable 10" X 13" bag that moves patients through a smooth and easy decon process. Barcoded, contains entire kit.

10" (25 cm) X 14" (36 cm) bag

Clothing Bag

Large, heavy duty bag holds contaminated clothing. Tear and seal closure seals personal items and contaminants. Barcode allows for quick and easy processing and identification of belongings.

31" (79 cm) X 18" (46 cm) bag

ID Bracelet, Towels + Redress Kit

Post decon redress kit with barcoded ID bracelet that links to bags.

  • one-size-fits-all tunic
  • one-size-fits-all booties
  • (3) 44" X 20" towels
  • one-size-fits-all ID bracelet

Call 1-866-380-8455 or 1-360-738-6467 for more information.

Complete Personal Decontamination Kit


For Mass Casualty Decontamination Scenarios

For Emergency Response in Industry

  • Provides all the elements needed to bring patients through the decontamination process

  • Safeguards patient privacy, comfort and belongings and prevents cross-decontamination

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