Industrial Decontamination Abatement Trailer

Get a QuoteEffectively manage asbestos, lead, oil refinery and industrial spill operations.


  • Mechanical system powered by clean-burning propane
  • Easily accessed by side-entry, side exit low angle ramp and doors
  • 1 (one) three-stall decontamination lane (Undress, Shower/Rinse, Dry/Redress)
  • 1 (one) large decontamination chamber (Undress, Shower/Rinse, Dry/Redress)
  • Each lane includes an on-demand soap inducted shower nozzle and an on-demand rinse nozzle
  • On-board automatic waste water discharge system
  • Raised grid flooring to avoid contact with contaminated water
  • Fluorescent interior lights are sealed from chemicals and water
  • Sealed and washable biological/chemical resistant interior including FRP sidewalls
  • Includes full mechanical system

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Nor-E Abatement Trailer Download the Brochure

Fresh Water Storage Storage bladders w/ pump system
Waste Water Storage Storage bladders, 600 & 1200 USG
Generator 5.5kW LPG upgrade
Awning(s) 12' side
Air Filtration Hepifilter
Air Conditioning AC system
Eyewash Stations Various
Personal Storage Lockers for gear